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My name is Wiktoria and I am a UX Designer and Illustrator, graduating from Belfast School of Arts in Interaction Design.  For my final major I decided to work on a project very close to my heart.

Aura has been inspired by personal experiences. I have been struggling with epilepsy for 15 years. I have always felt that there is a lot of stigma around the topic as not many people understand what epilepsy exactly is. In my personal journey I have never found a perfect tool to help with tracking my seizures but also daily symptoms and triggers to find the common indicators to prevent seizures. 

The feature of joined accounts through Aura Connect with your loved ones was inspired by myself moving out and worried parents about my safety. I feel that this will be very beneficial for many cases.

My goal for this project is to bring awareness to the topic of epilepsy and help people who struggle with epilepsy in everyday life through recording their progress and staying connected with their loved ones.  Creating a safe space where people can record their notes daily and learning more about their journey while connecting with other users.  

Find more of my personal work on my portfolio website: wiktoriabigaj.com

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